Friday, September 1, 2017

Breakout EDU!

Today we ended our day with a fabulous game.
 It's called Breakout EDU!

photo by Ms. Tulbure

TEAMWORK was important!
In fact, it was the whole challenge!

Students received top secret locked boxes on their desks with mysterious instructions. Sometimes the instructions were written out, and sometimes the directions were just a picture.

Once a team decoded their code and unlocked their box, they took one clue and moved onto another locked box.  Everyone was intrigued with their locks.
How do we get them open?

Students were given 45 minutes to solved all the puzzles and unlock the last code on the iPad. The last code could only be solved when they collected the clues from each of the five locked boxes.

Take a look at our teamwork and problem solving below. 

 (all photos by Ms. Tulbure)

One by one, teams started unlocking the last code on the iPad.

Until finally, with 34 seconds to spare..... 

We all unlocked the last code!

It took working together and listening to each other in order to be successful. 

How was the Breakout EDU experience for you?

Share at time you had to work with a team in order to achieve a goal.


  1. Meredith (Dylan's Mom)September 6, 2017 at 4:07 PM

    Hi Class. This sounds like an exciting project. What type of information were you given to unlock the codes? I have never done this activity together but it kind of reminds me of an Escape Room I once went to. I was put in the room with 7 other people and I was given a clue. Each clue led to another clue until we were unable to lock the room and get out. We had one hour to do it. It was a lot of fun but took a lot of team work! Were all of you able to able to unlock the codes? What was your favorite part of this activity?

    Meredith (Dylan's mom)

  2. Dear Class,
    I have worked as a team before when I play basketball. As a team, we need to pass the ball to each other. We communicate with each other so that we can score. Basketball is my favorite sport. When did you work as a team? How many people did you work with?

    1. Dear Dylan,

      Wow, it sounds like you really like basketball. I really liked how you talk about teamwork in the game. Team sports are all about teamwork! I played volleyball, and it too took a lot of teamwork. Often, a player would set up the ball for a teammate to hit, helping the team score points. It also made it easier and more fun to play the game when we worked together. In volleyball, each team has six players. Did you know that volleyball was created by William Morgan at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895? It was a game that was meant to be played indoors and it was a combination of tennis and handball. Does anyone play handball or tennis? Do you see any similarities with handball?
      Ms. Tulbure

  3. Dear Ms. Tulbure.

    Were you good at Volleyball? I've played Volleyball before when I went to Canyon Creek Camp. I've also played it in the pool. I think playing outside is better than the pool Which do you think is more fun? I play handball at school. It is similar to volleyball but you hit the ball down and not up. Have you ever played handball?


  4. Dear,Ms.Tulbure I play tennis well I'm getting tought tennis. I also play handball [sometimes].I also play volleyball. Volleyball is pretty fun but sometimes I really don't want to go but all we pretty much do is take turns playing volleyball with our teacher Sydney while the other sister swings on swings on our treehouse playground we got on our 2th birthday.The sister playing on the playhouse got to pick which song we listen to on Sydney's phone.[I like perry gripp he made its raining tacos and space unicorn and other great songs].So thats what we do on our volleyball lessons do you play volleyball?or get tought something or do something like I do on my volleyball lessons sinceraly,Dolly