Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Breakout EDU-Valentines Day

Another Breakout EDU-Valentines Edition

Last week our class started our Valentine Celebration early with a Homework Love Potion
Some magic dust was set free in our class that made all our students fall in love with homework. 
Naturally, the students wanted to Break Out the antidote

So, students worked together to break all the locks....

All photos by Ms. Tulbure

There were riddles to be solved

And graphs to be evaluated

The equations even involved black-light clues

There were some great conversations about strategy

Students tried their best.....

Unfortunately, this time, students did not get to the antidote in time.....

However, through further discussion and collaboration, students contemplated what to improve on next time and....
the Homework love potion went poof! 

What was the most challenging part of the Breakout?

What would you do differently next time?


  1. Greetings everybody,

    I’m here to tell you about how the Breakout EDU went. It went pretty smoothly compared to our last one but at the end it was out of control because we were so scared of getting infected by the love potion. In the first one we didn’t get so scared unlike but this homework love potion breakout, it was scary.
    In the first one Keira knew the answer all along but nobody would listen to her
    Which was very saddening . We listened better the second time around.Have you ever done another breakout EDU?


  2. Dear class,

    I like Breakout EDU because you get to challenge your mind by figuring out clues and working together to figure out how to unlock like five locks. It is also helps you in life because in life you have to go through a lot of really hard things in life and they can be things that are super hard so this helps you figure things out in life. My third reason is because it is also fun because everybody is kind of going crazy and you're kind of laughing while everybody is going crazy but then your teacher taps you on the shoulder and says quite down! And then you say okay. Do you like breakout EDU?

    Your friend Sam

  3. Hi class,

    I was bummed that we didn’t get to figure out all the codes. I thought we could get all the codes in time but we didn’t. It was awesome that Sam’s group got three or four locks out. That was a big help to the class. When all the groups got a piece of paper from a box we tried to attach it together but it didn’t work because every piece of paper were the same. I think 45 minutes wasn’t enough for all those locks. After the 45 minutes were gone I was so not happy because if we fall in love with homework than we can’t spend time with our family at summer and just do homework. Do you think 45 minutes was enough?


  4. Greetings everybody,

    I am here to tell you about Stone Fox. It was very sad at the end but it was fun.
    The crazy part is that Little Willy’s grandfather is ill but gets better at the end.
    Sadly, Searchlite doesn’t make it. She died in the end of the race. But Stone
    Fox sticks up for Little Willy by taking out his rifle and saying if anybody crosses
    that line I’ll shoot! Them. Overall it was a great book. Tell me what was your opinion about stone Fox.