Monday, November 5, 2018

Student Blogging Challenge and Emoji Math

Week Four of the Student Blogging Challenge is underway. 

Emojis are really popular. According to Kathleen Morris' post this week:

Since emojis are a universal language, our students decided to teach multiplication using emojis and arrays. 

Here are a few Seesaw videos from the students:

Research emojis. What have you learned?

How else can you use emojis to teach math?

How was using emoji visuals helpful to learn multiplication?


  1. Dear class and world, emojis can teach math by thinking of it as an array,the child learning can also fun while doing math.I learned that emojis were first used in Japan 1999 and became more popular around the world ten years later.I also learned that two years ago a report stated 92% of the internet users use emojis.Did you know that some people from different countries use emojis to communicate.Do you like emojis?Why or why not?

  2. Dear Ms. Tulbure,

    I agree that emojis are helpful in communicating. Wyatt and I sometimes use skype to communicate when I am traveling. Sometimes the audio portion of the skype call does not work, but its great that we can still use emojis to connect on how the day is going. Sincerely, Rebekah (Wyatt's mom)