Thursday, October 11, 2018

Class Blogging Challenge

Ms. Tulbure's class is excited to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge. The students love to blog and share ideas with their global friends from all over the world and learn together.

What countries are participating?

What are some of the tasks this week?

Some Information About Us! 

Meet the Third Graders 

Our class is a third-grade class filled with 11 boys and 13 girls. We are 1:1 with Acers, so we love integrating technology. For example, we LOVE watching BrainpopJr videos, educating ourselves with Freckle,  and creating and sharing our learning with Seesaw.

When not at school, the class has a lot of hobbies and interests. Some students like to play games on the computer at home. Many students also paint and make sculptures,  and are creative in art. Collections are also popular especially with football and baseball cards. Reading is also a favorite hobby in our class. Relaxing and swimming in the pool is also fun as California has sunshine all year round.

Sports are a big part of everyone's life. Numerous students play tennis, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tether ball and handball is a favorite at recess. Being only 20 miles away from the ocean, many students love to surf and swim. Some students also practice gymnastics and ballet. Hockey and boxing are also some student sports that we enjoy.

Food is an important part of life and we have many favorites! Some popular foods at lunch pasta, pizza, salad, dumplings, sushi, grilled cheese, mini tacos, hot dogs, and chicken.
Snacks like sunflower butter and apples are delicious as well as potato chips and even Oreo dip.

For fun, we like to play computer games, play piano, jumping on a trampoline, searching for treasure hunts, board games, roller skating, playing drums. We also love to play with our pets and take them for walks, and baking with our family.

 Our Avatars 
We used Peanuts Characters from online and our Acers to make avatars. An avatar is an image used to represent you online. Notice how we limited our personal information! 

Where Are We?

Ms. Tulbure's third graders live in the northern hemisphere. North America is our continent. Our nation is the United State of America. However, sometimes our country is abbreviated as the U.S.A. or America. Our country is divided up into fifty states, and we live in one of the fifty states, California. 


California is the third largest state after Alaska and Texas. Out of all the 50 states, we have the largest population. There are about 39 million Californians! Our state capital is Sacramento, and our largest urban area is Los Angeles. We live in a suburb of LA. 

Here is the Californian flag. 

What hemisphere and country do you live in?

What are some popular foods and games played at your school? 

What questions do you have for us?
We will reply to your comments. 

Tell us about your class! 


  1. Violette and CandiceOctober 11, 2018 at 11:15 AM

    Dear world,we would like to tell you a little bit about our class,we have a colorful tent to read and write in.We have 7 Ipads. we have a lot of books and we love to read.On top of a big shelf there are a lot of stuffed animals. Our favorite things in the class is our teacher and our learning tools.What is your favorite thing in your classroom?

  2. Dear,Violette and Candice

    My favorite thing in the classroom is to do fact practice on Freckle and to watch Brain Pop jr. What is your favorite School subject? My favorite are Brain Pop videos are about biography.I like division in fact practice.

    1. Dear,Spencer

      My favorite School subject is to read. And sometimes to watch Brain Pop. what is your favorite book to read? And what is your favorite drink?

  3. Dear Universe,We like this class so much because it is very fun and we have lots of great books like Dog Man and Harry Potter or Magic Tree House.we also have Acers to blog and do more fun things like Freckle and Brain POP Jr.We are also excited to bring our Acers home!If you have Acers at your school what things do you do on your Acer?